Equifax Says Another 2.4 Million Users Exposed in Breach

Here we go again with Equifax. Months after their hack which revealed 145.5 million users had their data stolen, Equifax is releasing news that an additional 2.4 million American were impacted by the breach. The only bit of good news here is that the company says this latest batch has significantly less personal information stolen.

According to an article on CNBC.com, that means a total of 147.9 million Americans have been impacted by the data breach. That still remains the largest data breach in personal information in history. Equifax is going to reach out to all the newly impacted customers and is offering up the same credit monitoring and identity theft protection services. Then again, you know you can get your credit monitored here, including all three credit bureaus.


This is why you should be looking at all three of your credit scores, not just one. Something can pop up on one report that won’t pop up on the others. In fact, different creditors will pull your data from different credit bureaus. You want to make sure that all of this information is correct, not just what you’re seeing on your Equifax report.

Let’s hope this is the last of the bad news coming from Equifax regarding this data breach. It seems like every month there’s something new coming out about this scandal.