Premium Credit Repair Management For People Who Want to Feel Good About Their Finances

Your financial future starts with a better credit score and personalized recommendations crafted just for you.

Get a Better Credit Score in 3 months, or Your Money Back*

What Our Customers
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The Credit Repair Industry Is Broken.
Fixing it.

No cookie-cutter solutions. We guide you through our proprietary credit repair process – stepping stones that, one by one, create a path to achieve your financial goals.

Start with Your Goals and Root Causes

What’s Broken:
Increase score for the sake of increasing score

Why it matters:
Without knowing your financial goals, no one can be sure how much improvement is enough for you.

The 86 Credit way:
We start with your end goal, whether that is a mortgage or a car loan, or funding to kickstart your business, and work backward with a customized plan to improve your score within the timeframe you need for however much you need.

Smart Repair Plan, Brilliantly Personalized

What’s Broken:
Cookie-cutter solutions filled with industry jargon

Why it matters:
Do you feel every credit repair option seems the same? That the free consultations bring up more confusion, discomfort, and embarrassment? If they can’t make you understand, how can you be sure they can understand your goals and help you?

The 86 Credit way:
Have a REAL conversation with our advisor, answer a few questions, then we will build you a personalized plan to improve your credit score. Plus, we speak as plainly as possible and we want you to be confident that your advisor “gets you.”

You Are Not Alone

What’s Broken:
You feel judged and embarrassed

Why it matters:
If you feel uncomfortable working with your advisor, then you won’t work with them. Meetings will get postponed and so will your progress

The 86 Credit way:
Our founder was in your shoes with embarrassing credit scores and declined applications. Your comfort and sense of understanding are key at 86 Credit. We want you to feel good about your progress and we help you weigh your options to make an informed decision.

Simple, Worry-Free Pricing

What’s Broken:
Complex payment plans and hidden fees

Why it matters:
Do you feel you can’t make a decision because you don’t know what plan can solve your problem? Are you confused by the payments you don’t recognize? It’s not right.

The 86 Credit way:
Everything we do at 86 Credit is designed to help you reduce stress and reach your financial goals. Our pricing is no different.

Flat Fee

$86 for a one-time setup, then $86/month to cover all your needs to improve your credit score.

No long-term contract

Pay as you go or sign up for the 3-month package backed by our 90-day money back guarantee.

No hidden fee

Our $86 one-time setup and monthly fee covers all services—no upcharges, add-ons, transaction fees, or any other nonsense.


$86/mon to cover all your needs to improve your credit score.

When we take on your credit management, the improvement can be immediate. For example, if we see that you have a mistake on your credit profile and it’s an easy fix, we can improve it within a few days.


We set expectations for all our customers upon timeframes we’re both excited about.

We have a 3-month money back guarantee for at least 30 points of improvement. If your credit score doesn’t improve at all, you get your full refund.
Generally, a good credit score is anything above 650.

Generally, anything below 580 is considered bad credit.

These are companies that gather information on your financial habits, then provide such information to credit card companies and lending institutions.
5 main factors affect your credit score: credit age, credit mix, credit usage, payment history, and recent credit.

Take Care Of Your Financial Future for $86/month

Get Your Credit Score to Where It Needs to Be in 3 months, or Your Money Back*.

Get A Better Credit Score In 3 Months, Or Your Money Back*