Our Approach

"Trust me...I've been there"

We are not here to judge. Trust me...I've been there. I remember getting a 2004 BMW 740 il from a dealership on a Saturday afternoon. After signing all the paperwork and driving the car to work on Monday morning I got a phone call from the dealer asking me to come back to finish up the deal. When I arrived, they took away the keys and the car. They said my financing didn't come through.

Our Story

I was embarrassed, upset, but more importantly determined to never have that happen again. I studied up everything I  could about credit and became a personal credit guru. Then my friends started asking me for help and after getting overwhelmed with requests I realized something; People out there need my help. That's what I'm here to do with 86 Credit. I'm out to help as many people as I can so they can live life on their own terms.

Not just the founder, I'm also a client

I didn't just read about credit repair in some book or in a free online PDF. I've lived every bit of this process. I know what it's like to fight the credit bureaus and get nowhere. I've learned the exact steps it takes to turn the tide and shoot your credit through the roof. Credit is an asset to be managed just like any other asset in your portfolio. I am here to make sure my team helps you manage that asset efficiently and effectively for a lifetime to come.


Dave Bartosiak

Founder and C.E.O.

Dave Bartosiak is a money guru and investment professional. He has over a decade of experience on Wall Street, from days as a Financial Advisor in a bank, to a stock broker and now trader and professional stock market analyst. He has been featured in Barron's Magazine and is a frequent contributor to Bloomberg TV and various other TV outlets.

Get in the Game!

Join us and let 86 Credit get you on the path to your dreams now. You have nothing to lose and your dreams to gain...